How To Mark Snooker Table Break Line, Baulk Line, Spots

There are several different ways to mark a snooker table playing surface with lines and spots.

1. Minimal snooker table markings:

Placing 2 black spots on the snooker table playing surface is sufficient for the recreational pool player that prefers a clean and uncluttered look.  Black spots should be placed on the head spot and the foot spot.

2. Traditional pool table markings:

A black line is draw across the width of the pool table through the head spot. This line is called the head line or baulk line. One black spot is placed on the foot spot.

3. Traditional snooker table markings:

Good for players who are interested in playing snooker as well as pool. The baulk line is drawn across the width of the billiard table (closer to the head rail than for traditional pool). A semi-circle or “D” is drawn on the head side of the baulk line. Six black spots are placed on the playing surface to mark the coloured snooker balls positions.

snooker table markings layout